Smart web copywriting will grab your

visitors’ attention

It’s a proven fact that people don’t read websites in the same way that they read printed material. They’re usually in more of a hurry and are looking for fairly specific information so they tend to scan and skim your copy to see if it’s relevant to them. If not - one click and they’re gone!

Web copywriting is a specialised skill that produces compelling and engaging copy that is:
  Quick and easy to scan
  Concise and to the point
  Professional, informative and educational
  Appealing to your target market
  Compelling so visitors get in contact or leave details

Well written copy is a critical component of any website and its importance should not be overlooked. Ideally we recommend that keyword analysis and search engine optimisation techniques should go hand in hand with copywriting. Smart web copywriting combined with SEO will ensure that your website commands attention from both search engines and visitors to your site. 

Maxim can help your website command attention with skillful web copywriting.

“Judy was able to draw together the requirements  of the various groups and  write content that was clear and tailored to our specific needs.

Erin Davis, Eastern Metro Regional Family Violence Partnership

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