Maxim – a marketing company that values transparency and honesty

As a Melbourne based marketing company who values transparency, we believe in being totally honest and upfront with our clients. We value our relationship with you and hope that it turns into a long and prosperous one for both of us!  Here’s how we work:

Each project begins with an understanding of your business and the market you operate in. To understand,  we’ll ask lots of questions and then we'll listen. We’ll ask about your business objectives, your products/services, your competitors, your branding, any issues/challenges, your budget and your timelines. We may even ask your staff and customers some questions to understand how they feel and what they want.

Once we understand your business we can start planning. Planning involves developing a customised solution that meets the particular needs of your business. We’ll provide you with clearly stated objectives for the project and a plan of attack for moving forward together with a timeline and realistic costings.

After the plan has been approved we will implement it within the agreed budget and timeline. You will be kept informed of progress throughout implementation and each stage of the plan will be delivered + approved before we move on to the next stage. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Based in Melbourne, we're a marketing company who will never take you for granted. We'll work closely with you to ensure the relationship remains productive and enjoyable.



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“Thanks for helping me get Choice Fresh Meals a fabulous presence online. We are getting heaps of positive feedback as well as lots of new leads!”

Richard Taylor,
Choice Fresh Meals

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