Good brand taglines are simple yet have a rather uncanny ability to stick in your mind

Your tagline is an opportunity to extend your brand strategy beyond the brand name. Taglines help you further define and control the way your brand is communicated whilst also differentiating you from the competition. It won’t determine your brand’s success but it will have a strong influence on the way people feel about your brand.

So, what actually is a tagline? It’s a phrase of about 5-7 words that follows your brand name and quickly explains what you do best or a key benefit of your product/service. It should support and extend the brand promise or theme, not just repeat it in different words.

We create good taglines by ensuring we have a clear understanding of your brand strategy and what it is that you want people to feel or think about your brand. This lets us develop a tagline that’s memorable and that’ll stick in people’s minds. We’ll use words and create a personality that your target market relate to and can connect with emotionally.

Maxim can help you create a clever brand tagline which encapsulates your brand and what it stands for.

“We are thrilled with our new website - thanks for understanding the essence of the organisation and representing it in such a clear way.

Julie Langdon,  Extended Families

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