A great brand strategy is nothing without the right brand - and a great brand is nothing without the right strategy

Building a brand is like building a house. You have to put a strong foundation in place to provide support and longevity. A good brand strategy will provide this critical support. It will define your brand, how you want it to be perceived and identify it in terms of:

  Brand essence – what makes it special or different
  Brand personality –what characteristics it would have if it was human
  Brand identity – how it will look visually
  Tagline – the key benefit described in a short, motivating and memorable sentence

Brands are all about customers perceptions –we’re sorry to say that yours and mine don’t count. Customers will determine what your brand stands for as a result of their knowledge, experience and interaction with your brand. 

Provide consumers with a consistent, compelling brand experience over time based on a sound brand strategy and you will be able to positively influence how they perceive your brand.

Maxim can help you define what your brand should stand for and determine the right brand strategy to get there.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work on the Inovayt branding strategy

Renee Kiley & Nick Reilly,  Inovayt Pty Ltd

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