Well targeted brand names unleash

the power of language

What’s in a name? Well actually, quite a lot! Great brand names have the ability to take a brand to heights you haven’t even thought about. Granted, a great name isn’t going to make your brand a hit all on its own but it’s a really important starting point.

Words have the power to elicit emotions and the best brand names are ones that connect emotionally with your target market and invoke positive thoughts + feelings. This means that finding the right brand name isn’t just a hit and miss exercise. We follow a logical and focused process that begins with:

  Researching your industry
  Understanding your target market 
  Articulating a clear brand positioning

Only then do we begin to consider brand names that will resonate with your target market and accurately reflect your positioning. The options we present you with will be easy to pronounce, memorable and evocative.

The verbal impact of a great brand name is further enhanced by a strong visual identity. Your brand identity will bring your brand name to life and provide a visual representation of your brand promise.

Maxim can help you develop powerful brand names with strategic impact.

“Rebranding a company can be a scary process but working with you made it seem easy and intuitive.

Yvonne Forsyth, arcticFox web engine

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